The Artisan Bread Bakers Tauranga

Welcome To Our Bakery!

The Artisan Bread Bakers is locally owned and operated.

All our sourdough breads are unique to our bakery & are made from a Sourdough bug created in 2016 from an authentic European recipe.

Our wholemeal breads only contain Purple wholemeal, which is a Purple grain produced and milled a certain way so all the antioxidants in the grains are kept well and truly in the grain.

All our breads contain only the best of ingredients to ensure all Health benefits of our grains stay within the bread itself.

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Why Everybody Loves Our Bread

European Touch

All our Breads & Pastries are purely European recipes & methods done with high quality New Zealand / Australian flour, New Zealand Fresh Yeast, and 100% New Zealand Butter. Our breads contain Whole grains & Seeds, and contain no chemicals, additives or artificial flavours.

Scratch Bakers

Handmade, moulded and baked all on site. No machines needed, (other than an oven). Made with passion and love

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service to provide our customers with the best knowledge about our breads. And ensure everyone leaves with a smile.

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Artisan Sourdough


Bread Description

Authentic, rustic & delicious. Some good old Butter and cheese would do the trick with our sourdough.


White flour, water, salt, yeast, our sourdough starter.



Bread Description

Not only is our ciabatta perfect for soaking in a good olive oil and crisping up for dipping, they are also perfect for a winter nights soup, we use an Italian recipe to go with the Italian method baked on a stone floor to give it a nice crisp and mellow texture.


White flour, rye flour, wholemeal flour.

New York Rye


Bread Description

Made with our very own sourdough starter, Not only does the Caraway seeds give a good flavour, they also help prevent bloating. This bread is great with cream cheese, salmon & chives or just to have on the side of a delicious pumpkin soup.


Dash of White flour, Rye Flour, Rye Starter, Rye Malt, Caraway Seeds.

Dr Alison’s Wholemeal (antioxidant bread)


Bread Description

It is filled with Pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds and goes perfectly with the purple wholemeal. All sorts of condiments can accompany this bread.


White flour, wholemeal flour, salt, water, yeast, and a touch of pure butter.

Authentic French Stick


Bread Description

Made the traditional French method with having that Classic Crisp on the outside, to a soft bite on the inside. Our baguettes are perfect for a hearty tradesmen sandwich or a classic Blue cheese & chorizo Crostini.


Flour, Water, salt, yeast.


Wholemeal Grain


Bread Description

This bread is chockablocked with a combination of seeds and grains it is rich with flavour and is delicious with some mashed avocado.


White flour, wholemeal flour, salt, water, yeast, and a touch of pure butter